Publications & Working Papers


Schiff, Eleanor. Kim Seufer, Anne Whitesell and David Lowery. “Empirical test of Principal-Agent Theory: Lobbyists and Clients.” Interest Groups & Advocacy (2015) 4, 225–248. (published online 19 May 2015)

Whitesell, A., Schiff, E., & Lowery, D. 2018.  Agency issues with small lobby firms: A test of competing hypotheses. Interest Groups & Advocacy, 7(1), 82-103.

Schiff, Eleanor.   Bureaucracy’s Minions and Minders: Context and Conditions for Political Control.  Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.  [forthcoming 2019].

Working Papers

Schiff, Eleanor. 2016. “Using an Agent-Principal Theory to Test Who Controls the U.S. Bureaucracy.” Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Meeting.

Schiff, Eleanor.  2016.  “Principals’ Tension: Understanding the Dynamics of K-12 Education Policy Changes.”  Presented at the American Political Science Association Meeting.  Philadelphia, PA.

Schiff, Eleanor. “Strategic Allies and Adversaries: Organized Interests’ Engagement with Bureaucratic Policy-Making.”